Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

3rd Commander takes over the WA State Color Guard

Statement from Commander Vernon:
I accepted this appointment because of the love and respect I have for my fellow Color Guardsmen. As a brief introduction, I was raised in the Portland, Oregon area and come from strong lines of Oregon Pioneers. My experience in Family History began when I was 16. The process came natural to me with my love of history.

Effective 1 Jan 2020, Neil Vernon of the Seattle Chapter, was appointed to the position of Commander of the Washington State Color Guard. Past commander Art Dolan is seen at right presenting the order of promotion. A formal change of command was originally scheduled to be held at the annual state conference but due to the recent pandemic this was not possible. 

In 1983 I moved to the Seattle area after getting an IT job with the Control Data Corporation. Following 10 years with this firm I joined the University of Washington Medical Center Information Technology where I have been employed for the last 27 years.

I joined the Sons of the American Revolution in January 2015 in the Seattle Chapter. My primary ancestor is Thomas Stark, Sr. Over the past five years I have served as the Seattle Chapter Registrar (2015 – present) and the Seattle Chapter President (2018-2019). In February 2018 I attended the Annual President’s Day Ceremony at the University of Washington in my newly purchased hunting frock. Before I knew it, I was swept up by Commander Art Dolan and became a Washington State Color Guardsman that very day by participating in the Posting of Colors for this event. I owe much of my enthusiasm for being a Color Guard member to Past Commander Art Dolan who always provided a positive and exciting atmosphere.

With the excellent mentors of Doug Nelson, Fred Gilbert, and Greg Emerson, I was introduced to the Colonial Days presentations in classrooms. The Seattle Chapter has enjoyed the opportunities of sharing with the youth and keeping Patriotism alive. These growing and expanding opportunities have fostered a great enthusiasm in the Color Guard while supporting the objectives of the S.A.R.

What a great time to be serving as the Washington State Color Guard Commander! I am grateful for the action taken last year in separating the responsibilities of Washington State Color Guard events into the four established regions. This was a very wise move from the organizational and logistics perspectives. Again, kudos to Past Commander Art Dolan and Deputy Commander Dick Motz for making this happen. Another outstanding point to be made is that each of our chapters have a Color Guard representation.

My short coming to this position is the lack of Military training. So, in this stead I do ask for your patience as I learn the proper protocol. As in all officer positions in SAR it is a learning experience.