Outgoing Commander Bob O'Neal leads the Color Guard for the last time.  Behind him, wearing blue Regimental, incoming Commander Art Dolan wonders, "WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?"


Practice, practice, practice.  Here the Color Guard prepares to march in Auburn's Veterans Day parade.

Incoming Commander Art Dolan

Art​ was born in Massachusetts, not far from his Patriot Ancestor’s home in Bedford, Massachusetts.  Much like his Patriot Ancestor who proudly fought for his country almost two hundred years earlier, Art served in the 101st Airborne Division, military intelligence office during the Vietnam War.  In 1975, he was honorably discharged from the military.  He then went on to become a science teacher, spending most of his time with the Spokane Public Schools.

In 2003, after retiring from his teaching career and relocating to Olympia, WA, Art began to research his Revolutionary War roots.  Shortly, thereafter, he discovered the S.A.R.   Art’s love of teaching, along with the education program of the Alexander Hamilton Chapter, has allowed him to hone his craft in a completely new content; The American Revolution.

Art is an active member of the Alexander Hamilton Chapter.  Not only has he given group presentations to young and old alike, he has  also participated in parades and civic activities as a member of the Color Guard. Recently, he was appointed Chairman of the Membership and Chapter Support Committee for the Washington SAR.  Art is always interested to learn about the Patriot Ancestors of other members.  His experience with the S.A.R has been a positive one, and he looks forward to serving as Color Guard Commander, Washington SAR.

The Western Washington Regiment of the Color Guard was awarded the prestigious Veteran's Award during the 2015 Veterans Day Parade.

Bob displays his 5-pt star, cut from a single piece of paper with a few snips of the scissors, and describes how Betsy Ross was able to make 13 identical stars. Doug Nelson looks on.

Bob and Art, at the Puyallup Fair, teaching the next generation of Americans about our American heritage.

The Washington SAR Color Guard is shown here marching in the 2013 Auburn Veterans Day parade.

Under Bob's guidance and Drum Major Viren Lemmer's leadership, the Fife and Drum Corps came into existence.  The crowds love them!

The Washington SAR Color Guard has grown from only 7 members in 2011, to over 40 today.

Never shy, Bob was always enthusiastic about teaching kids about our American heritage


Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution