Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Music Teacher Roxane Hreha.  She majored in flute and has a group of young high school flutists that play together.

Members of the Washington SAR Color Guard line up before proceeding into the main gymnasium during the Massing of the Colors ceremony. From Left to Right: Drummer Alex Lemmer, Fifer Jeannine Stephan, Drum Major Viren Lemmer, Fifer Roxane Hreha, Fifer Stephanie Conroy, Fifer Terry Barker, Bass Drummer Skip Stephan, Fifer David Irons, Drummer Jan Lemmer. 


Dick Motz, veteran of the U.S. Navy, who was just initiated into Alexander Hamilton Chapter last Saturday, Feb 18th!​

Lane Elliott (center), a US Navy veteran, who volunteered not only for the Color Guard, but also to become Spokane Chapter Treasurer.  Washington SAR President Doug Nelson swore him in as a new member and Stan Wills swore him in as Color Guard No.39  - in uniform!

Jeannine Stephan (Left), wife of our Bass Drummer Skip Stephan.  She played a flute in high school and has picked up the fife with alacrity.