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Daughters of the American Revolution, Ancestor Search

​Access the DAR website, at DAR.org.  Click on the green box labelled, "Research you Family History."   On the next page, under "Genealogical Research"  or "GRS," click "Ancestor Search."

SAR Patriot and Grave Index

​Access the SAR website at SAR.org.  In the  "Genealogy" tab, in the pulldown menu, select "Patriot Search."  Click on "SAR Patriot and Grave Index."


This website includes many of the records for Revolutionary War veterans, as well as their dependents' applications for pensions.

Miscellaneous Resources

​LDS Family Search

United States Military Genealogy Records​​​

​Family Search, Military Records

National Archives 1

National Archives 2

Records of Service

State Revolutionary War Rosters
(Another Approach)

Getting Started: 
All thirteen of the original states published rosters of their patriots who served in the military. Eight of these state publications are available for free on the internet.

These are: Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey,
New York, Vermont, and Virginia.

Google search using an expression like "New York Patriots in the Revolutionary War."

​The other original states, by the way, are: Delaware, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Note: At the time of the Revolutionary War, Vermont was part of New York​​.