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  There are literally hundreds of websites that will help you trace your family roots.  Though this may seem like a good thing, many people simply do not have the time or the energy to navigate through this maze.  Recognizing this problem, Contributing Editor Sunny Jane Morton (Family Tree Magazine, 1/15/2013) posted an online article titled, "The 25 Best Genealogy Websites for Beginners."  In this web-article, she identifies many of the more helpful websites, and also categorizes them according to whether the content they offer is provided free of charge, or if they offer other services.  The following web address identifies the original article that appeared in Family Tree magazine:Family Tree Magazine

   In order to comply with copyright restrictions, Sunny's article can not be reprinted in its entirety.  You are therefore encouraged to visit the family tree website.  The  information provided below includes Ms. Morton's  coding "icons"  that she used in her article to categorize the websites, along with the 25 web-addresses she thinks are important.  The meaning of these icons, shown here in parenthesis, (FREE or not ($), or some of each FREE/($), and what services are offered: H = How-tos, R = Records; S = Share your data, and T = Tools) also belongs to Ms. Morton.

1.   (H, FREE);  2.   (HRS ,$);  3. AfriGeneas   (HRS, FREE);

4.   (HRS, $);  5. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries   (T, FREE);

6.   (RS, FREE);   7. Chronicling America  (R, FREE);  8. Cyndi’s List   (T, FREE);

9.   (HRS, FREE);  10.   (HT, FREE/$);

11. Find a Grave  (RS, FREE);  12.  (HRS, $);  13.   (RS, $);

14. GenealogyBank    (HR, $);  15. General Land Office Records   (HR, FREE);  

16. Google  (T, FREE); 17. HeritageQuestOnline   (HR, FREE);  18. JewishGen   (HRS, FREE);  

19.   (RS, FREE/$);   20. Mocavo   (RS, FREE/$);

21. National Archives Resources for Genealogists   (HR, FREE);  22. NewspaperArchive   (R, $);

23. USGenWeb Project   (HRS, FREE);  24. Webpages by Stephen P. Morse   (T, FREE);

25. World Vital Records   (R, $);