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Patriot Biographies

This from the Patriot Biographies Committee:

Over 5,250 patriot biographies have been submitted so far. Chairman Doug Collins said they are getting 50 a week. He reminded us to include our chapter name and state society so they get credit towards a flag streamer. Internet Technology Chairman Bill Marrs mentioned his IT committee is getting close to putting the patriot biographies online. The chairman also noted they plan to start working with the Patriot Graves committee.

The chair noted that we need to let Chapter President’s know how to make a patriot biography submission. Use the Patriot Graves Form found
HERE.  It was suggested, on new member electronic applications, that if more data was added to the service section, with corresponding proof documents, this can be used in your patriot biography. Email patriot biographies to patriotbios@sar.org.

It was mentioned that all the information for a patriot biography is on your approved application. The committee chair encouraged everyone to write a patriot biography on your patriots. Patriot biographies will be used to attract new prospects for the SAR.

State societies get a flag streamer if they submit patriot biographies. Add these in the Americanism spreadsheet.