Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Why Become a Member?

Purpose of the SAR

The Sons of the American Revolution share a love of country and a rich heritage.  The goal of the organization is to promote historical preservation, national patriotism, and education.

The pursuit of your ancestors is a wonderful adventure!  Do you know who your Patriot Ancestor is or where your family was during the 1700s?  Perhaps you have a quilt that belonged to your great-grandmother; silver, china, or a piece of furniture that has been in the family for several generations; an old photograph or document dating back many, many years ago.  Genealogy brings history -YOUR history - to life.  It is considerably more than just names and dates.  It's about people.  It's about family.  It's about your heritage.

Genealogy defines who we are, and gives our lives greater meaning and purpose.  By preserving the past, we are securing our future through affirming that as they lived, so do we live, for our future generations.  As you discover more about your ancestry, you enrich your own life and continue a legacy that can be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

What We Do

The purposes of the Sons of the American Revolution are patriotic, historical, and educational. This includes:

*     Perpetuating the memory of Revolutionary War Patriots.

*     Promoting fellowship among their descendants.

*     Inspiring the community with a reverence for the principles of government founded by our forefathers.

*     Encouraging historical research of the American Revolution.

*     Preserving the records of the Revolutionary War Patriots.

*     Marking the locations of the Revolution events and its soldiers.

*     Celebrating anniversaries of the Revolution.

*     Fostering true patriotism.

*     Maintaining and extending institutions of American freedom.

*     Carrying out the purposes of the Preamble of the Constitution.

*     Following the injunctions of Washington’s farewell address to the American people.

The SAR Honors...

*     Individuals for outstanding and unusual patriotic achievement on a national, regional, and local level

*     Persons for outstanding bravery and self sacrifice in the face of imminent danger.

*     Members of the United States Congress for outstanding service to the nation.

*     Outstanding high school students (annually) with the presentation of a Good Citizenship Award.

*     Outstanding Junior and Senior ROTC cadets (annually) with the presentation of the ROTC Award.

*     Law Enforcement officials for outstanding service with a Law Enforcement Award.

*     An outstanding Eagle Scout (annually) at the branch, state, and national level. The national winner receives a college scholarship.

*     An outstanding student for winning the Knight Essay Contest.

The SAR also...

*     Assists veterans in Veterans Hospitals.

*     Conducts a national historical orations contest annually.

*     Sponsors Boy Scout troops and local societies of the Children of the American Revolution [C.A.R.].

*     Places SAR Markers at the gravesites of Revolutionary War Patriots and SAR Members.

*     Commemorates Revolutionary War Patriots with appropriate ceremonies.

*     Participates in new citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

*     Observes patriotic anniversaries. 

Rosette Worn by SAR Members