Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Accommodation of  Volunteers Who Live Outside Puget Sound

        A.     Identify Host Homes from area SAR members

        B.     Provide information about affordable hotels

Planning Committee, 2021 National Congress - Seattle

Training Volunteers

                A.        Protocols and Etiquette

               B.         Registration Table Procedures

               C.         Schedule

               D.        Credentialing Procedures

               E.         Money Handling

               F.         Security

               G.        Familiarization with Facilities

               H.        Familiarization with Tours

               I.          Familiarization with Area Attractions

               J.          Familiarization with Area Services

               K.        Familiarization with Area Transportation

Identification of Volunteers (52 Minimum)

               A.      Registration (2-3)

               B.      Traffic Guides in Hotel Lobby (6)              

               C.      Credentialing (2)

               D.      Host Society Concierge Table (2)

               E.      Ladies Auxiliary Hospitality Room (3)

               F.      Bus Captains For Tours (4-5)

               G.      Host Society Ice Cream Social (3)

               H.      Master Of Ceremonies For Welcome Reception (1)

                I.      Door Guards and Security (3)

                J.      Trouble-Shooters / “Gofers” (8)

                K.     Polling Place Monitors (4)
                L.     Clean-Up Crew (12)

Gregory Lucas

2021 National Congress Planning Committee Chairman.  If you would like to volunteer, click  HERE

Sources of Volunteers

                 A.        SAR Chapters / Spouses

                 B.         Ladies Auxiliary

                 C.         Other Organizations

                            (1)        DAR

                            (2)        Rotary

                            (3)        Kiwanis

                            (4)        College Students

                 D.        High School Students (Volunteer Credits Required)

                 E.         Friends