Outstanding Teacher in American History​

​​Dr. Tom and Betty Lawrence Program (Valley Forge Project)

If you are a history teacher at the middle or high school level within the State of Washington, at a recognized public, private, or parochial institution, you are eligible to apply for this award. The award consists of one week at the Valley Forge Foundation Workshop located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  It consists of the workshop, lodging, meals, park admission, bus fares at the Freedom Foundation and round trip transportation from a major air terminal in Washington.  

This award winner will represent a teacher whose instruction on the Revolutionary War era from 1750 - 1800 demonstrates educational efforts in the classroom that exceed and excel above current, accepted, curriculum requirements.  Extraordinary educators will be recognized for actively addressing the history of the American Revolutionary era.

The award program is conducted in three (3) phases: Local Chapter, State Society and National Society.  The applicant must begin the entry process by obtaining an application form and submitting the completed application through a local SAR Chapter.  Those teacher candidates interested in entering the awards contest must complete the required application and submit a written essay, containing a minimum of 500 words, discussing the importance of teaching the American Revolution, and providing details of any extraordinary teaching techniques or innovative projects utilized by the teacher to teach the Revolutionary War.  The essay should also discuss why the teacher wants to attend the Valley Forge Summer Teacher Graduate Workshops and how the teacher would utilize the knowledge gained there in his/her classrooms in the future.

DEADLINES  (The applicant year is the is the calendar year, 01Jan through 14Dec.  Please use the following dates rather than the NSSAR webpage dates)

Applicant entry to Chapters: 
14 December
Chapter entry to State Society: 
02 January
State Society candidate to National Society: 
04 February



This award, valued at $1,400.00, will include tuition, room, and board provided through the Freedoms Foundation.  Transportation expenses will be limited to $400.00. 

The winning essay of the national contest will be submitted for publication in the SAR Magazine.  Participants in this contest agree that their essay may be published in the SAR Magazine and on the Knight Essay Contest Web Page.

Participants in this contest agree that the interpretation of rules and decisions of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR) and its judges shall govern without reservation. 
Please follow the rules exactly.  Essays that do not conform to the rules will be disqualified.

Winning essay participants, on all levels, must supply a social security number or alien identification/green card number in order to receive the award.

Contest rules can be found at:
 History Teacher Award

For further information about the Freedoms Foundation Summer Teacher Graduate Workshop, please go to: 

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