Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Color Guard Commander Bob O'Neal (Lt.Col. USA Ret.) presents his "Flags of the American Revolution". Fifteen flags and the battles and events where they were flown from Lexington to Yorktown, culminating in the design of our first official National Colors - the "Betsy Ross" flag. Note at left, the lady in the white hat is signing for deaf attendees who came from a local school for the deaf.

Hay Bale Presentations

Our expert Continental soldier Captain Fred Gilbert, demonstrates his musket at the SAR tent. Fred also made several presentations at the Hay Bale Theater on "A Few Myths about the Revolutionary War."  Behind him is his regimental coat with the red epaulet of a sergeant in the regular forces of Connecticut. The white stripe signifies three years of honorable service in the Continental Army.

Organizer of the Northwest Colonial Festival is Dan Wilbanks, a former teacher, educator and school principal. Dan oversaw the Festival proceedings and narrated the daily Battles of Lexington and Concord.

George Washington (Vern Frykholm) presents in the gardens of his beloved Mount Vernon on the Potomac River. (Here in Washington Teritorie!)

Here, SAR Gene Tenney (US Army veteran) works the SAR Recruiting tent with Fred Gilbert. Gene is the genealogist for the John Paul Jones Chapter, Bremerton.

Doug Nelson presents "A Day in Colonial Life" to some young visitors. Doug has made many living history presentations in elementary and middle schools. He holds the SAR Bronze and Silver Color Guard Medals for his dedication, service and great works.