The Washington SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) was originally organized in 1895.  From its inception it has been a  non-profit organization, its purpose being to serve the public through historic, educational, and patriotic activities.  In 2014, the WA society was incorporated.

   The Washington SAR is composed of over 500 members in eight chapters.  The membership has a vested governance to the Board of Directors, consisting of the elected State Officers, the Chapter Presidents, the National Trustee and Alternate National Trustee, and three at-large board members selected by the Board.  Chapter Officers are elected by their chapter members.  State Officers are elected by the entire membership of the State Society.

National Society Officers 

Washington SAR Vice-President Keith Weissinger

NSSAR Handbook (2016 Edition) Containing the Above Listed Volumes

Washington SAR  President Craig Lawson


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Governing Documents: Washington SAR

National Society Committees 


National SAR Documents

Volume I : Governing Documents (Effective 12 July 2016)

Volume II : Organization (Effective 5 March 2017 )

Volume III : Membership, Compliance & Other Policies (Effective 5 March 2017)

Volume IV: Insignia, Protocol, Ceremonies & Rituals (Effective 1 October 2016)

Volume V: Individual Medals & Awards (Effective 5 March 2017)


Volume VI : Youth Programs, State Society & Chapter Awards (Effective 1 October 2016)

Volume VII : Summary History of the Sons of the American Revolution (Effective 1 October 2016)  

Washington State SAR Officers & Committees


Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution