Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

How many of you have driven down a street and seen, in front of a home or business, an American Flag flying high on a tall pole?  At night this same flag is respectfully lit up and visible for all to see.  Most would agree, it is a moment that tugs at the heart and inspires pride in every patriotic American.  This is especially true of America's veterans, the men and women who've given selflessly of their time and energy to defend the freedoms this symbol represents.

​If YOU have ever witnessed a flag being flown properly and in a respectful manner, contact your chapter Flag Chairman.  Next, with Flag Certificate in hand, take a few minutes out of your busy life to visit the owner of the flag.  If you are a member of the Color Guard, or simply have a Revolutionary War "outfit" in your closet, put it on before presenting the certificate.  You can even show up with regular civilian clothes, but your SAR blue blazer is better.  In any case, always make sure the certificate is in an attractive frame.  You will be surprised at how many flag-owners will try to find a place to hang it on the wall - sometimes, even, while you are still there.

Contributed by: Mick Hersey

Flag Respect and Recognition

"I have also provided a flag to parks and businesses that have an empty flag pole without a flag and then given them a certificate to ensure they know how proudly we honor our American flag."
Marion (Mick) Hersey
Historical Memorial Preservationist
John Paul Jones WASSAR Flag Chairman​.