​As always, the DAR ladies were splendidly dressed and eager to march in the parade. 

Back Row (L to R): Jeannine Stephan, Bob O'Neal, Paul Adan, David Jackman, Dick Motz, Doug Nelson, Art Dolan, Husband of DAR Member (name unknown), Keith Philippy. Front Row (L to R): Jan Lemmer, Alex Lemmer, Viren Lemmer, Terry Barker, Skip Stephan, DAR Drummer (name unknown), Stephanie Conroy. ​  My apologies to those I am unable to name- webmaster.

​This year, the Washington SAR Color Guard and members of the DAR led the parade!  Doug Nelson (L) and Harold Steenbergen carried the banner. 

A tradition, of sorts, began last year and continued this year!  Before the parade, Bob O'Neal read aloud the Declaration of Independence to the Steilacoom Pub patrons and members of the Color Guard.  In the nearby hills, the Redcoats gather.

​David Jackman ponders what he's going to order for lunch.  Harold Steenbergen (baseball cap) talks with Doug Nelson.

Independence Day Parade

Before the parade, former CG Commander Bob O'Neal enjoys a hamburger.  Behind him are CG Commander Art Dolan (L) and Drum Major Viren Lemmer (R).

​A special event occurred this year: Vietnam veterans (holding certificates) were honored for their service. (L to R) Bob O'Neal, Terry Barker, Art Dolan, Harold Steenbergen, Jan Lemmer, and Stephanie Conroy. 


Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution