Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

​Preparing to step-off - with sunny weather and flags a-fly'n .

​Color Guard Commander (US Army veteran) Art Dolan leads the SAR-DAR unit comprised of the SAR-DAR Fife & Drum Corps and Color Guard. He proudly wears the commander's gorget engraved with General Washington's family coat-of-arms. At left is Drum Major Viren Lemmer (USAF veteran) leading the Fife & Drum Corps. HUZZAH!

​Prior to the actual parade, Drum Major Viren Lemmer (at left) shook out the kinks with an impromptu parking lot parade  All members were smartly in step as they played  "Yankee Doodle".

​Color Guard Commander Art Dolan with DAR Marissa Goldenman

​(L to R): Claude Asher, David Jackman and President Anthony Abbott

​Previous Color Guard Commander Bob O'Neal exchanged his Regimental uniform for a hunting frock.

​Many spectators lined the parade route, from start to finish.

​(L to R): Conrad Plyler and David Blevins, both from JPJ Chapter, lead the way.

​Washington SAR President Anthony Abbott

​(L to R): Bob O'Neal, Dick Motz, Paul Adan, Noah Chase.  President Abbott can be seen wearing the sunglasses.

​The Armed Forces Day Parade held in Bremerton is the largest and longest running Armed Forces Day Parade in the nation. This year is the 69th year of the event.  Prior to the parade, the 21 members of the 48-member Washington State SAR-DAR Color Guard and Fife & Drum Corps lined up for a photo.

Armed Forces Day Parade

​(L to R): Mick Hersey, Noah Chase, Art Dolan and Dick Motz