Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Objective Two: Educational

The SAR...

(1) We sponsor contests (essay and oration) for high school students, based on historical and patriotic themes. 

(2) We inform the community about the events and philosophical bases of the American Revolution and the Constitution.

(3) Color Guards in Revolutionary War uniforms participate in civic events and patriotic celebrations throughout the United States, providing pageantry, drama, and a sense of our nation's history.

(4) Important events and persons of the Revolutionary period are portrayed for students and the public at large. 

(5) The SAR Magazine provides a public record of the activities of the society, and has numerous articles detailing the history of the initial,  and continuing struggle for independence.

(6) We help people locate and evaluate genealogical records.  Our state and chapter registrars have excellent resources, and the NSSAR library is a major national repository of genealogical information.