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ALBANY, NY – The SAR Foundation has established a new restricted fund to benefit the SAR’s digitization project. Donations are being sought from Individual Members as well as Chapters, State, and District Societies. Foundation Board President Dr. Samuel C. Powell announced the establishment of the Fund at the recent Annual Conference of the Atlantic Middle States Association held in Albany, New York. In response, members present overwhelmingly approved a pledge goal of up to $10,000 from the states represented by the Atlantic Middle States Association, which includes the Mid-Atlantic SAR District and the North-Atlantic SAR District.

Digitization of records is a major initiative of the National Society. With over 2.2 million paper records, it has become apparent that electronic copies complete with indexing are a must for our society. Done properly, digitization and indexing of our applications and proof documents could allow for the creation of a functional Genealogical Research System (GRS). Digitization would also provide an electronic backup system for our paper documents. The National Society Trustees approved the digitization project as a top priority for funding at the Spring 2016 Leadership Meeting. The GRS Fund’s initial fundraising goal has been set at $100,000.

Multiple proposals that will define how genealogical records will be digitized, indexed and made available to members and prospective members are being received by the SAR Trustees. A final negotiated contract will be presented to the Trustees for approval at a future meeting. In the meantime, the Foundation felt it prudent to open an avenue for giving to support this worthwhile project.

Individual members, societies, and chapters that support the GRS project are encouraged to make pledges and donations to help achieve the initial goal of $100,000. To discuss a pledge for the GRS FUND, please contact the SAR Foundation at 502.315.1777. To make a donation restricted to the GRS FUND, please make checks payable to SAR Foundation, Inc. and designate its purpose. Checks should be mailed to: SAR Foundation, Inc., 809 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202-2619.

Thank you for your support!

Samuel C. Powell, President
SAR Foundation, Inc.