Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution


There are some 46 official SAR National Events listed in our SAR Handbook.  Only three (3) other SAR National Events are held west of the Mississippi River - one each in Missouri, Texas and California. 
Most are Revolutionary War battlefield events back East and in the "Colonies". 

We in the Washington Society SAR are thus fully committed henceforth to supporting the Massing of the Colors!
Washington SAR Color Guard
Sons of the American Revolution

Attention, Color Guard Members

​​Compatriot Color Guardsmen,

Many of you are actively earning your SAR Bronze Color Guard Medal.
The Bronze CG medal requires uniformed participation in three (3) state or chapter events each year for three years

Please consider earning at the same time your Silver Color Guard Medal by participating in 3 national events each year.

As of 2020, our color guardsmen have earned 25 Bronze and 17 Silver medals.

In 2017, the National Color Guard Committee approved our Resolution (attached) to make "Massing of the Colors" an official SAR
National Color Guard Event, in all states, wherever held. (It was held in Tacoma on 25 Feb with 14 color guards.) 
This means that there will now be six events in Washington State which will qualify our color guardsmen for the SAR Silver Color
Guard Medal and later for the SAR Von Steuben Medal:
 Massing of the Colors
 Pacific District Meeting
 Memorial Day
 Independence Day
 Veterans Day
 Wreaths Across America

The Silver CG medal requires uniformed participation in three (3) national events each year for three years and can be done concurrently
with the three years spent earning the Bronze Color Guard medal. The Silver CG medal can be awarded the very day after award of the
Bronze CG medal!
The SAR Von Steuben medal, for sustained Achievement in the NSSAR Color Guard requires uniformed participation in five (5) or
more national events each year for five years after receiving the Silver CG medal.

For more information, see the WA State Color Guard Operations Manual.

Commander, Washington SAR Color Guard, Sons of the American Revolution